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Best Stories For Children Befor Sleep

The best story for children before bedtime

The best story for children before bedtime
The best story for children before bedtime

The best story for children before bedtime

  • Children often spend their time playing and feel that they lose something when sleeping, unlike adults who are aware that sleep makes you rest and sleep when you feel tired and tired. The kids get so much energy that they only want to feel sleep without feeling, and this style is often a style of stories and stories, a pre-sleep story.

And these stories in addition to the child's purpose to entertain and then sleep and sleep, but it should have another meaning and these stories are useful to the child and nothing is absurd, because the person dreams about the last thing he has heard or It is a very dreamy dream of something, and that's what was seen before, and this is the evidence that the stories we want to tell our children are what we want to communicate with our minds and have a positive impact on We have emotions, and some beautiful feelings that affect their abilities, their turn and thinking.

The story is very important to be chosen and the mother or father should read some of the stories and choose another part of the calculus for his or her child, the children are different from their desires, especially with the generation they live in, sometimes It's time to find complicated things; when a kid likes a car or if he likes a kid or animal, he must be the main character of his stories.

The story may be recording audio or video of a song. Or clips for children to enjoy, if the baby sees and watches a cell phone or computer before bedtime, Vagaya limits the words we use to hear and as they are already getting larger scale, so There should be some interest in them and somehow presented to the child before bed. The story of the children in circulation: the story of lion and donkey. When he walked in the desert, he found a dent under the fur tree.

He thought that he would take it and look at it as a lion for a day, and watching all the animals respect him and avoid him because he was lion and this happened. And all the animals are set aside, as long as the wolf showed his appearance and told him that you are not milk, he tried to revolt like milk, but without interest, from what came out, raise the ass and not milk The lion and the wolf were forced and the shoes told him that he would remove him from the divine garment made of him and will remain.

  • After telling the story to the child if she is not asleep, the mother will even first explain to her why the donkey, for example, and of course the benefit of the story, of course, according to the child's age, interpreted and explained until the photo Clearly, you want to be like a real milk, not a lion valley, which is essentially a donkey, and so entertainment is associated with our interest in our descendants. So useful stories should be removed from the stories of fear and souls, and then you comment on the story, even for the first time, until you reach your child's mind after you hear him.

Children often play energy and feel that they are something like the chance they remain, different from adults who know that rest is a source of rest, and when it feels dry and fatigued, Smells bad. The kids are so rich in energy that they just need to rest in order to feel their feelings, and this style is often the style of stories and stories, before retirement stories. In addition, these accounts must, however, be of secondary importance other than because young people feel attracted and then lost and rest, but these accounts are useful to the kid, and nothing unusual, with attention The fact that an individual contrasts a person with something completely heard or seen, like a great deal of a dream, simply relaxes, and this was seen before he was killed, and this Prove that our narratives need to advise our children on what we need to identify with our brain and certainly affect our minds, and part of the great emotions Which affects their capacity and their turn and attention to them.

The story is necessary to be picked up and the mother or father should choose part of the stories and calculate the other part as much as their child, the children are distinct in their hearts, especially with age, which is recovered once a year while discovering They want to be torn apart when the kids are caring for the car or if they love the baby and winged animals, they should be the main character of their stories. Narrations may be a recording of a sound or video of a melody. Or, on the other hand, for kids watching and watching your cell phone or computer before your child sees and watches, Vagaya is not limited to words that are used to listen, and are now on a scale. The larger one is used, so they should be eager for them, and in the way they are introduced and registered before the break.

  • Baby accounts are flowing: the sweet and sweet tale. When he walked in the desert, he found the hide of the lion at the base of the tree.

He stipulated that he took it and looked like milk for a few days and watching each of his creatures consider and maintain the strategic distance from him since he was lion and that was what happened.

And regardless of the creatures of investment, as long as the wolf discovered his appearance and told him that you were not milk, he tried to rebel like milk without any benefits, but what it turns out is not an increase in height and weight. Lion And the wolf was harassed, and the cat told her that your lion's clothing would be destroyed from the time it was built, and it will remain. After rewriting the story to the teenager, if he has not been at rest, the mother must disclose to him without regard to blue, why does this work for example and what is the advantage of the story? Obviously, with regard to the child's age, understanding and clarifying, until the picture is simply displayed, you should look like a real milk, not the sweet milk that is originally charcoal, so stimulate with the enthusiasm of the quality we need. To our children, so the narratives are valuable, they must be taken from the horror and phantom account, and then, about the story, in the presence of blue until you hear the baby's brain after hearing it.

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