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Juha funny stories

Juha Funny Stories

Juha Funny Stories
Juha Funny Stories

Juha Funny Stories

  • Juha said do not go in the coffin and walk where you want to see Juha day a duck squadron near the lake shore trying to pick out these birds can not be anything because he ran against him .. and with him a piece Bread so that it swallowed up with water .. Vmr one of them and told him: Congratulations on what you eat what is this?

She said duck soup if you lost your ass of duck Vstvd lost his soup, he sold him a dinar, and when he found it tied up with a rope and rope in the neck Donkey and brought them to the market and asked: Who sells the dinars and hundreds of dinars? But I did not sell them, but I came to the servant with a glass to fill it with the river, and then I got him in front of a big flip, and I said to him: breaking the glass, he said: why you before breaking Have you hit it "I wanted to show him the reward for breaking it out so he cares for it," he said. He launched the way, so he fired and then went to his house and took it out. Said praise to Allah.

He said: "I told him that I covered my new shoes, or asked my fork on the day of the jewelry: How old are you? Forty years later, he said: "I am 40 years old and told him:" We were asking you ten years ago. I said that it is forty, and now they say that it is forty and he said: "I am a man, I do not change my words and I will not go back and I will eat a table with his wife," he said, "the best food For this challenge, "and his wife said:" What kind of population are you and me? "I wish I could, and no one but a guest came to him and slept. When he was in the middle of the night, the guest woke up and He called the young people and said, "Tell me, tell me the candle that is on the right side."

& # 39; & # 39; Juha asked him: "You are crazy, how do I know my right in this dark darkness?" They asked him one day: What is your opinion? He said: Tysa Tower. They said: There is no star in the name of Tess "When I was a child, my mother opened my door and told her that she was in Capricorn, and forty years now, there is no doubt Capricorn has become Tessa since then, He raises a house with a fare and the ceiling is very large, and when the owner sends it to him, Karim said to him: "Remove this ceiling, press it," said, "He said to him," Praise be to Allah. Pain for the doctor is not necessary . "

  • But she rushed to the doctor and said: "My wife felt pain and cost me to call you, but she looked from the window and told me that she had lost her pain, contact with you It is not necessary, so I came to tell you about it and lose my hardship One of his neighbors came to him and said to him: I told him: reading an old man like me does not help him, but I For a young man at the age of twenty five or thirty years, for having a husband and a sheikh together, and when I gave birth to children who have been rationally and day-to-day, which one is bigger, sultan or peasant?

He said: "The farmer is bigger, because if he does not have wheat, the sultan died of hunger and told him day by day," How much is the gloomy area of ​​the world? " At that moment a funeral took place and he said to them: "This dead man responds to your question and asks him why he was planting the world and coming out of it. He was the prince of the country who claimed the system of poetry and then he read the poem before Juha and said to him: Are you not eloquent? Juha said: This is not a rhetorical smell. The prince became angry and ordered him to lock in the stable.

He was captured for a month and then he was taken out. On another day, the prince organized a poetry poem and sang it for jewelry, so the jewelers quickly climbed. Prince asked him: "Where are you from?" He said, "to the last, sir." And reading an old man does not encourage him, but I am looking for a young friend at the age of twenty-five or thirty, to have a wife and a stylish one together, and when I get the guys who sound rusty and how many The day asked: Which is more prominent, the king or the worker?

He said: "It's more carnivorous, because the truth is that if he does not have wheat, the sultan left the hunger and told him:" How much land is the hand of the world? " At that time and there, a burial service occurred, and he said: "This dead man responds to your request and asks him why he has planted and left the world. He was the ruler of the nation who knew the frameworks at this moment he wrote a sonati before Johans and said to him: Are you not convincing? Jewelry said: It does not speak. The prince got into trouble and asked him to keep his feet steady. It took a few months and then took him out. On another day, another commander formed an angel and wrote it to the jewelry, so the jewelry was rising fast. The prince asked, "Where are you, dear?" He said, "Be patient, sir."

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