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The Sleeping Princess Story

The dream princess's story

The dream princess's story
The dream princess's story

The dream princess's story

  • For a long time, Yamakan was a king and queen in the palace. He wished that God would give them a child or a child. After a few years, God gave them a very beautiful child. The king held a ceremony to celebrate the birth of his princess.

This girl wanted to be the first fairy to the princess of the best fairy in the world, and Fairy II wished she had an angel minded princess, and had the dream of the third fairy having a beautiful princess, and the fourth daughter hoped to be the princess, the dancer and the fifth hoped The voice of the Princess is beautiful and the sixth dreamed that the princess was playing. When the Seventh Fairy began to wish, the old lady arrived in the court where the king was not invited to attend the ceremony, and because of his anger that did not invite him to the ceremony, before the death of the prince when he was 16, due to knocking his finger The car spins, predicts.

To cry from the future of the little prince. In this case, a good fairy interfered and told the king and his wife that the princess could not die, but she would be 100 years old. The king brought all the rotary machines into the kingdom and burned them to ensure his heart. When the princess was 16 and playing with her dog in the palace garden, I told the prince, "Try to do it yourself," and when he took his prince and took it down the car, the land was the old woman of the old lady. .

All the sadness in the palace, said fairy good that everyone in the palace is sleeping with the princess so that the princess after 100 years, when you wake up, and which awakens by a handsome prince To be After a hundred years since the castle of Prince Amir and asking an old man about the palace, the old man said that the dragon palace resides and does not dare to enter it, the prince arrived and filled him with giant plants and trees and able to In this, meanwhile, good fairy helped him and gave him a sword to kill the trees and kill the dragon. After all the trees were cut off, the prince appeared to be a giant dragon. The prince fought with him and killed him. The old dragon is fairy. And everyone woke up at the palace. When I woke up, the king thanked the handsome Prince from his action and told him what he wanted from me. Thank you for what you did. The prince told the king that I want to marry my daughter, the princess. The king agreed, and he held a big party to celebrate the marriage of his daughter Prince Shuja's Princess.

  • At the same time, Yamkan was a ruler and ruler who lived in a royal place. He wished that God would give them a kid or a child. After a long time, God gave them a wonderful teenager.

The Lord praised the service for praising his princess. Mrs. Young demanded that Princess was the best pixie on the planet, and the second pixie wished the Princess had a heavenly personality, and wished for the third princess as a beautiful princess, and the young lady wanted an artist The princess and the fifth would love to sing the great Princess Voice and the sixth wanted the Princess to be talented. Eighth woman wished she entered the corridor The governor did not welcome her greetings and, according to her discomfort that she did not do so, predicted that the princess at the age of 16 due to her itching with her finger The rotary device predicts. For the Fate of the Fate of the Little Princess.

For this, a big killer was involved and told the ruler and his half better that the prince did not like the dust, but resting for 100 years. The ruler gathered all the rotary machines in the kingdom and connected them to their hearts. At that moment, when the princess was 16 and playing with her puppy at the royal residence, I told the prince: "Try all alone", and when the prince took it and put it on the needle of the car He fell to the ground, the old lady was old man.

All the troubles in the castle, said Big Piqué, who all stayed at the royal residence with the princess, so that the princess stopped after 100 years after waking up, and sought by a good ruler. After one hundred years of the royal residence of the Prince of Amir and receiving information about the royal residence, the old man said that the royal residence was occupied by a monster and is not going to enter, the prince entered and discovered that it was full of herbs and goliath Trees, and unable to survive, and in this mid-year, Pixie helped him great and gave him a sword for the slaughter of trees and the murders of the winged animal breeder. After each tree was removed, the ruler appeared to be the legendary Golati animal. The ruler fought with him and executed him. The old monster was an insidious pike. And everyone was awakened in the royal dormitory. When I woke up, his Lord sought his work thanks to the sovereign sovereignty and showed him what he needed of me. For what I did, it is very insulting to you. The ruler told the Lord that I should bring her daughter to the princess. The ruler agreed and he held a big meeting to appreciate her daughter's marriage to the prince overcome the sovereignty.

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