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Top 20 Bird and Parrot Related US Vacation Destinations

Top 20 Destinations for a bird and parrot holiday

Top 20 Destinations for a bird and parrot holiday

Looking for a fun holiday destination? Do you also want to get involved with birds and parrots? Then you come in the right place. I've done your research for you and found great vacation destinations for lovers of birds and parrots.

The following list includes amazing events and a zoo in the United States with amazing exhibits of rare and not so rare birds from around the world. This holiday destination should be on the bird's holidays vacation list.

Do you have holiday destinations related to your favorite bird that did not create the list? Send this email to Kibibi and let him know. This listing was created in December 2008, so it may be outdated. Please review any website page and contact the latest information.

20 Philadelphia Zoo – Founded in 1874, this makes it the oldest zoo of its kind in the United States. While the city is known as a tourist destination, the zoo is usually not a short list of visitor sites that can be seen in the movie. But, according to many visitors, it should be. They have a small selection of birds including hunting birds, cranes and rails, wading birds, waterfalls and other birds, including parrots and pancakes.

19 Sacramento Zoo – This is not a great zoo. In total, with over 400 species of animals, some really say this is a small zoo. As you may expect, the selection of their bird and parrot may be considered in response to some of the other holiday destinations on this list. However, there are some bird species present in the exhibition that are in danger or are being destroyed, such as the American Flamingo, the Hornbill Button, the Hornbell's Big Hurricane and the Thick Thick. So if you're in the area, it's worth a day.

18 Detroit Zoo – Where's the Garden of the Zoo? Answer …. Not Detroit Well, this was a trick question. It's actually located in Michigan. The Detroit Zoo has all kinds of bird species throughout the park. They specialize in flamingos, storms, spoonbills and vultures. They also have cranes, owls, thieves (ostriches and rai) and a number of other bird species. Bird Bird Habitats at Detroit Zoo, Waterhole Africa and Aviary Free Flight Matilda Wilson, which has more than 30 bird species.

17 Lowry Park Zoo – The Louvre Park Zoo is located on 56 hectares of land in Tampa, Florida. Once known as the "Family Friendly Zoo in the United States" (2006) (2006) by the Child Magazine. So kids liked it but love the bird? It depends on who you want. According to Yahoo Consulting, the site receives only 3.5 points out of 5.0. Most complaints are about the price tag because it's "Pay As You Go." Though not much better, Trip Advisor will give it as 4.0 out of 5.0 points. According to the Lowry Park Zoo, one of the special attractions, the spirits of the sky, "is an interactive and entertaining show that features the birds of prey."

16 Oakland Zoo – This zoo is conveniently located near the highway and connects to a hillside forest area. There are dozens of bird species in the Auckland Zoo from the South African nominee to the cute yellow Amazon parrot. This site received 4.5 stars out of 5 in Yahoo Travel. The complaint seemed only to be a small zoo. While it may be small, most visitors believe that this is a beautiful zoo experience for children.

15 Buffalo Zoo – TripAdvisor.com is the third largest zoo in the United States! And according to at least one of its visitors, "The Buffalo Zoo must be one – if not the cleanest and most beautiful zoo". While there's not a lot of birds to see, it's some of the unusual birds that you want to view. It includes Burk's parrot, Cloncurry parrot, and (9) different species of Lories and Lorikeeets.

14 Knoxville Area – Some of you may see one of the most famous inhabitants of Navoxville domestic animals: Einstein. Einstein and his coach appear on many television shows, and Einstein's quick search on YouTube will bring you good results. But is Einstein big enough to attract you to a small zoo? Perhaps not only few visitors and many locals agree that the Knoxville Zoo is a good zoo for daily visitation. In addition, how can you remove the Einstein House from the list of all 20 bird-related holiday lists?

13 Louisville Zoo – Louisville Zoo is a large but well-planned zoo and is undergoing some kind of walking. It is also built on a hill, so some of your hiking is subject to dangers, so plan your route ahead of time. A major attraction for the Lorakeet Landing bird lovers where you feed the birds (per cost) of a cup of sugar. Staff are more than happy to make your photo with the birds to create a memorabilia (for the course of course) with you.

12 Franklin Park Zoo – The Franklin Park Zoo was founded in 1913 and covers 72 hectares in the Franklin Park, Boston Historical Park. The World Bird Expo has existed since the start of the Franklin Park in 1913. Many changes have been seen over the years and are still a favorite of many visitors. It houses dozens of species of birds from around the world from many habitats, including swamps, scrolls and wetlands. A unique exhibition of night and day, featuring nightlife nightlife similarities. So how have they changed day and night to attract visitors? But how is this possible? When the exhibition opens at 10am, it is inside the darkness and hence the "night" to the birds. Then, at 2 pm, the fair will fill the light to simulate the "day." This is a great secret, so tell the Tawny frogmouths.

11 Minnesota Zoo – This is a large zoo that has more than 500 acres. It focuses on the rehabilitation of natural habitats. But with more than one visitor, they do not keep their focus on low prices. While others believe that this is very expensive, they also say it's worth it. One of the main attractions for birds lovers is the world-wide display of birds. Birds of the Minnesota Zoo, according to the Minnesota Zoo, "annoy you with their anger" and include "… one of the world's busiest birds, representing the largest owl species in the world and a bird whose image Including official signs of twin governments. "

10 Toledo Zoo – This is a small zoo, but most people visiting the Toledo Zoo agree that this is a great zoo. The Aviary of Toledo Zoo was designed in 1937 and under major rebuilding in 1998. This is an award winning variety of varieties including Carrot Narges, Papaya Amazon Cuban, Santa Bitetrans, Cuba Grassquits, Victoria Crown Pigeon and Deer Owl.

9 Sarasota Jungle Gardens – This holiday destination is on the list of anyone visiting the Florida Sarasota area. And for some reason! Where do you buy flamingos from your hands? Sarasota Forest Gardens have two important bird attractions. Hunting birds and rain forest birds. The exhibition of its birds includes most of the surviving birds (Hawks, Owls, Werderberger, etc.), while the birds of the forest include "… a strange bird show with a twist." However, if you're looking for great attraction, this is not your favorite destination. But what is not enough in size is for quality exhibitions and friendly staff.

8 Busch Gardens Africa – Tampa Bay – Busch Gardens offers a little bit of everything for everyone, old and young, and includes something for bird and parrot enthusiasts. They have (8) theme parks and one of them is the bird garden that has over 500 birds from around the world that ensures you see something of interest. So whether this show is in the garden of the bird, walking through Lory Landing or walking through the Aviary, you will find something to satisfy the inner bird lover.

7 Jungle Island – If your location, location, location is important, then this is your destination. The island is located in the jungle (can you guess?) On an island! The island is located on an island between Miami and Miami Beach. The island's park has more than 1,100 odd bird species. You can with your kids by having some of your birds close by and having a parrot on your shoulders. But with a minimum of one visitor, this hands-on experience will be paid to you!

6 Tracy Aviary – Tracy Aviary has been around since 1938, when it was created from a benevolent act by the Russell Bank of Lord Tracey when he donated his own bird collection to Salt Lake City. Located in the southern city of Salt Lake City, this street is a great vacation destination. The house has more than 500 birds of 150 species, and you will have the opportunity to approach them closely. This should be on the short list of vacation lovers' love cards.

5 Mountain Parks and Gardens – If you are looking for a "single bird", you may choose your destination. The parrot is located on the mountain …. Waiting for it …. in one summit! It's a beautiful outdoor attraction that includes multiple parrot species from around the world. Given the large number of visitors, this should be absolute. It features outdoor diving exhibits as well as macaws and cockatoos at heights for visitor interaction and nutrition (for a fee of course). According to a visitor, "Bird Nursing was an amazing show, unlike any exhibition in any zoo!"

4 Houston Zoo – Even if you are in the heart of the city, you will lose one inside your home and forget everything about the busy city abroad. The Houston Zoo has about 250 species and 800 bird species from around the world. These species include everything from familiar Green-winged, Blue-and-Gold and Red-front Macaws to strange birds such as King Vulture and Turacos. You've probably never heard of Turacos but you want to see them. They have a unique color that is not found anywhere in the animal kingdom. Are you looking for the odd behavior? What about Blue Motmot Flat? It's a lively bird that has a runaway tail, which slams long tunnels on their land or land for their nests.

3 Cincinnati Gardens and Botanical Gardens – This is the second oldest zoo in the United States. It has over 100 species of birds and a wide variety of parrots (more than 25 parrot species in the last count). Is your size important to you? They have some of the largest birds in the world (Andean Condor) and the largest bird in the Kingfisher family (Kookaburra). Just be sure to keep your ears around Kokabura, not because you listen, but because LOUD calls are well-known. For your interests too loud or loud? Then maybe you and your kids love Lorikeet Landing where you become "landed".

2 San Diego Zoo – This is a world-class zoo known around the world but is it the bird's destination? According to many visitors, the answer is "YES!" Macau at the Children's Zoo, the Long Flamingo and the Australian Wings Expo have recently been guaranteed to burn your bird inside you. Is not that enough? About the Owens Rain Forest Aviary, which displays bird lovers, has more than 200 friends featuring 60 birds and about 180 birds. This vacation destination should be on any bird's love list.

1 National Aviary – This historical monument may be in the small area, but there are several packages in it. There are a few marches through the inner ponds and glass viewing cages. Do not forget to check your plans because they have hourly interactive demonstrations of different types of life throughout the day and scheduled speeches about different types. A program to capture many images and spend hours taking advantage of a variety of species, daily events, special events, and interactive encounters. This bird holidays destination should be for every bird lover.

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