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The story of Alaa Eddin and the magic lamp

Alla Edin's Story and Magic Lamp

Alla Edin's Story and Magic Lamp
Alla Edin's Story and Magic Lamp

Alla Edin's Story and Magic Lamp

  • This Story From Alla Adin and the magic lamp was an old old man named al-edin, and this young man was a selfish, unclean, uncle Aldeen, and only loved herself and went to Aldeen one day with her uncle to search the treasure. A cave and his uncle go down into the cave and attend the treasures inside.

Aladin was very afraid, and suddenly the door of the cave was closed. Uncle Allah tried to open the door but could not leave it and did not care. Aladin was locked up in the cave and walked among the treasures and absorbed his very old lamp towards him, so he took him and cleared the dust. Then the lamp shook and the grandmother came out. He thanked Aladine's genius for coming out of this bulb. "I ask you to thank you for taking me out of the lamp?" "I want to take you out of this cave," said Aladine. In fact, Aldeen came out of the cave. Aldin Sultan was called "Qamar al-Din", and he had a very beautiful girl called "Yasmin", and Aladin always saw him sitting on the balcony of the palace and loved him and saw that his relationship with them was impossible. ; Her daughter's marriage to a weak young man.

  • Aladine returned to his home with a magic lamp, telling his mother about the story. After that, Al-Adin invited Jenny for a lot of money, his gold and his gifts to preach the orphan's daughter Yasmin, but Aladin regretted that the king rejected the request because his daughter was busy with the son of the minister.

On the wedding day of Prince Yasmin, son of a boy, Aladin asked the man to see the princess, the son of the minister, as a foolish young man and not to marry him. Jean actually did it and this ceremony ended without the marriage of the prince of the sultan's son. Aladin returned to the Sultan and demanded the hands of Prince Yasmin. The king agreed that Aladine had a great palace to live with the Prince. Aladin asked the man to build the palace and build the palace master. Aladin married the princess and she and her husband, Princess and her mother, married the palace. Allah al-Din's uncle returned to the city and found that Aladin had not moaned in the cave, and had gone out of magical bulb and enriched it. Uncle Allauddin denied that he was a light bulb seller and went to Khajuddin. He persuaded the prince to replace the old lamp with a new bulb. The prince is aware of this, because he does not know that this lamp is magical. When he returned to the palace, he learned about what had happened, and learned that his uncle had done this. Aldeen went to his uncle on the pretext that he wanted to go to his uncle, and wanted to be satisfied with him. During the discussion, Aldeen argued with his uncle Alaeddine that the lamp was taken without regard to his uncle. After taking him, he went to the palace and removed the fairy from the lamp and told him to be free. He wanted to serve him. Jenin Badein said that he did not want freedom and wanted to serve him, because he was a real young man and a good man. Aladin and his wife, the princess Yasmin, and mother and magician, lived a happy life genius.

  • The story of Alla Adin and the captivating light of an old man named Al-Adnin, and this young partner from a poor family and Uncle Aldeen, are selfish and loving, and went to Easter only one day with his uncle to look for a treasure surrender, and his uncle Go down to the inside, and go to the fortunes inside.

Alaadin had warned heavily, and suddenly the surrender entry closed. Uncle Alaid tried to open the entrance, but it was not yet proven, and he cleared it and did not think about it. Aldain was struggling, and while she was drowning in fortune, her light was heavily aged, so she deceived and destroyed the rest. At that moment, the light shook, and her great grandmother left her. He thanked him for giving this light to the reader. "What do you need to do to your liking, I ask you to take me out of this surrender," Aladin said to her. Aladin took a knob. In Aldin Sultan, Qamar al-Din, and she had a great young woman named Yasmin, and Aladin saw independently that she was sitting in the castle gallery, and admired her and saw her relationship. With them, Aldeen then approached the movement for a lot of money, money and gold and blessings, so Yasmin continued after the death of the daughter of Sultan Yasmin, but Aladin was sad when the Sultan rejected the request. Because his little daughter was sweet to the baby. In the great day of Prince Yasmine the cleric, Aladin called on the Prince to see the son of a priest as a stupid young man and married.

  • The genre really did so, and this work ended without the wedding of Princess Sultan. Aladin came to the Sultan and demanded the hands of Prince Yasmin. The king agreed that Aladine would create a royal residence for life with the prince.

Aladin requested that the man build a royal residence and produce the Lord of the royal residence. Aldeen the prince and her and other princes and her mother were celebrating royal residence. Uncle Alma Al-Comutti comes to the city and discovered that Aldin did not hug the mist and left it with enviable envy. Uncle Allah al-Mutman denied that he was a light seller and went to the castle of Aladin. He persuaded the prince to replace old light with another light. The prince knows about this because he does not understand that this is an enchanting light. When Aladdin returned to the castle, he realized what had happened and discovered that his uncle had done this. Aladin apparently went to his uncle and allowed him to make him happy and to be happy with him. Aladin's protest with his uncle, Alaeddine, took light regardless of his uncle. After taking him, he went to the royal residence and removed the fairy from the light and was released. She needed her to serve. The gene showed to Al-Adin that he does not need a chance and needs his services because he is a true young man and a decent man. Aladin and the other princes of Yasmin and his mother, and fascinated by it, lived a happy life.

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