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Time to Bird Proof Your Property

Time to bird prove your property

Time to bird prove your property

It happened in Norway. The police, Joron Lingstad, drove their bike just through the forest, when the largest bird in Europe, a wooded forest, drove him from the left and sent his flight through the air. Langendad was forced to use his bike as a shield with a pedal in one of the pedals, because he was trying to fight the aggressive bird, which came over and over again. Colonel Police eventually closed the bird under the front wheel of the bicycle. After the release, the bird fled again to the forest. Lingstad had only minor scratches and big bruises, in which the forest hit his wood. It's not surprising, since a wooded wood can be as high as 3 feet and weighs nearly nine pounds. Lingstad, who had a bright yellow vest at that time, said he could not figure out what a bird struck him.

While most of us worry about the 9-pound birds that take us out of our bikes, smaller pesticide birds can attack us when dealing with civilian damage. Thousands of homeowners, owners of boats, building managers and municipalities suffer from the destruction of melon birds. The nests, pores and destruction and the diseases they carry carry millions of Americans each year. Many people have decided to fight against their property by mastering their upbringing.

Modern Bird Proof Techniques

The bird proofing solutions today combine technology with some vivid psychology to prevent broken birds. A new breed of crab bird deterrents covers a wide range of programs and bird types and sizes.

Yikes, this is a bird spikes

First, and perhaps the most popular bird spider bird's highly effective bird cleaning device. These strips may be dangerous, but spikes are safe for birds, people and pets. It's not hard to imagine how they work: they simply can not land on or near the ground. Spray bands with long-lasting stainless steels or polycarbonate pillars are rigid. Quick and easy installation on almost any smooth surface or edge.

There are different types of sensors for different applications. For example, Mega Spike, Godzilla is a star of birds. Its long spikes – typically 7 "high – often convince chickens, red fins, turkey crabs, rapvers and other large birds to move. Mega bars made of stainless steel of the genus It takes the sea. Explosion-resistant, thin metal. The best UV-resistant bird-resistant spikes you can use for curved surfaces.

Do you want to remove pest birds from your nest? Try Gutter Spike. They work well in treating large pests such as tea, crows and pigeons from drinking water. Like many bird spikes, spikes are usually raised in two leg bands. It is best with adjustable base in the base for easy installation on the lip of a drink.

Birds hate spiders too

People do not like spiders and do not like spider bird birds – the bird spider. They hate the roar of the novel. A wave of weapons threatens to destroy the fear of birds. You've probably seen these spiders in restaurant tables, cabin boats, canopies, interior and other smooth surfaces. The bird's spider is available throughout the various arms to frighten a wide variety of species.

Prove the bird with safe chemicals

The rabbit birds make us angry and give us money, but we really do not want to hurt the few enthusiasts. That's why they are getting out of deadly toxins, and there are human chemistry. Enter Foggers and Misters. These superb systems provide a good handful of food methyl antiglylates. Basically a grapefruit extract, this chemical is harmless to birds and humans, but when they fly through it, they are neglected. Fog and dust systems run from simple to more complex. Simple units have a sprayer and a contour of chemicals. The advanced systems have a timer and several nozzles that allow you to change the fog to very specific sites and time / time.

Rabbit birds slip on this slope

If they can not descend, they can not eat them. This means that the bird has already proved several properties. These unique and slippery plastic panels are just around the corner and prevent the birds from becoming infected. After several landing attempts, birds leave the area and are better off for landing areas. The ideal angle panels are for use in frames, edges, beams and other similar sizes. They are installed at almost every level and prevent a wide range of pest birds.

Birds have gone with this Goo

Birds hate to get photoshopped in anything. And while the bird gel does not bother them, it seems that it's just possible, so pests really embarrass the gel. This material prevents a wide range of pests and goes about every level – you press it with a flapping gun. Gels have been used extensively in canals, pipes, edges, I-beam and parapet walls. This gel is hard after about six months, so you have to have another application for the best bird correction results.

Bird with the network

Very simple, really. If they can not enter, they can not harm anything. For many years, bird networks have been used for weed growing areas such as pine gardens, vineyards, patios and courtyards. Depending on how you want to exit, the net network sizes are very different, that is, control pigeons, sparrows, stars and sea fish. Best U.V. Bird Network Stabilized, flame retardant and waterproof.

Things that bob and weave in the wind

Birds do not like things that love Bob and do not like texture. This theory is fearful of scaring birds. This includes reflective foil, banners and shiny ribbons. Some balloons have a giant eye that adds to the disaster. By creating a "cleared area", these simple devices will discard the birds. Some of these inhibitors are visual distractions with scratched voices. Balloons can also be used in swimming pools and other blue spots to float to the surface of the earth and destroy birds.

Using water and a small bird psychology

Birds hate the wonders, especially the type of water. And Scarecrow offers – Great time. This active motion spinchler causes a sudden explosion of water whenever the air is flying or close to it. This is a clever and safe way to grow proven gardens, backyards, swimming pools / spa and many outdoor areas. Scarecrow is very efficient because it combines a blast of water and its sudden sound with a wounded head and neck. After a few bursts, pest birds receive this idea and never return.

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