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stories beyond nature

Story Beyond Nature

Story Beyond Nature
Story Beyond Nature

Stories Beyond nature

  • This young man on the second night of the feast at his wedding night was with his sister and his wife and his children, where he was postponed until midnight and his home was far from his sister's house and needed about two hours to get to his house,

He asked them and returned home from his car. On the way, the car's temperature rises, which was almost destroyed by a shortage of water in the radiator. At the same time, he opened only one shop. She came to the store and found the store. He found only one Indian and his face on the wall. Quickly, India and India managed their faces with one eye, the man fired his car in fear and fear and, despite the heat, escaped the engine and went to his house like a rocket. The next day he returned to see the shop, and when neighbors asked him about this store, they told him that two years ago, Indian man died. And anyone who sells this store finds it difficult because it's empty. "..

  • There is a story telling that a man has rented a house in his house … this house has been left for a long time, the maintenance and restoration of the owner has been abandoned and the decoration has been replaced and then offered for rent. The man says that he will work the next morning and the night will soon be ready to continue work, but my wife watches the TV.

After a week she reminded me of her fears filling her eyes asking at this house. She asked me that every night you hear the voice in the hall, leading the kitchen and sometimes hearing the voices of the children and the voice Walking around them, I told him around the house that this was the noise of the TV, and continued to pray and read the Qur'an for not knowing such a whisper. The day I returned home and continued with the work that day. I got tired, and when I got home, my wife did not move and her eyes fixed, and she was trembling and sweating. After she woke up from the coma, she told me that she saw the woman sitting in the hall talking to her and realizing that she and her family lived in this house during this time. They can leave him, and they advise the wife that my wife is looking elsewhere for her and her husband and children, because this house is small and can not afford it. I was very surprised and told that story That my wife says I've listened to me .. When I ended up when a short man appeared in front of me and told me – we do not want but we are a big family, and we live in this house. Kill before you dwell on those for many years. So we ask you to search for another home. The man says: "Thank God that the children were covered in those deep sleep hours. If they saw what I saw and saw their mother and agreed to give me the opportunity to find another, they gave me a full month. But they did not condemn one of my families and did not show them at night or day, then left the house.

  • One of them told us that he lived in an apartment with a group of friends and acquaintances. Two cats went every day to take the items out of the kitchen and ran away when they escaped.

This person was in the kitchen and came into two cats to eat a meal that was ready for dinner and tried to violate one of them, and the other stayed in the meat, fighting a heavy tool on his head and the cat died. Soon after the bell rang, and if a policeman asked about this, the man asked the police to go to the police station with him. The man says: I installed the car with him and went where I do not know where a large crowd of people I found a loud voice and found a respectable man, like a judge or tribal chief, or so. I saw the same cat that came to us, the kitchen was against that sheikh. She said: "It seems to us that the owner is wrong and if the testimony of a cat that was in your favor when you safely return," sheikh said, "I said with all sincerity." To your home … But a group of those who did not accept the law, DI tried to scream but demanded a punishment, but the Sheikh deceived them and said that his son would be saved on himself … The man says : – I did not come back to Bob, I do not know how, but I realized that my comrades were looking for me. The police departments for three days, and I do not know how to pass the three days they say about them. , Because they only have a few brief moments lost

  • It was just a game. Yes, just a game to kill a vacuum .. One day .. My friend came to me and we prayed for all the things we could do. And after we had all the ways We were entertaining, deadly fatigue

We were lovers of terror, but lovers .. So we decided to do a unique job in our home, a half-stopped "behind the house" usually does not enter. We paint on some of the terrible words, such as " Satan Kill Me From Hell "We wrote in the color of blood. . We created terrible characters in ghosts and other forms … We brought real knives … We enjoyed and played and laughed. That night I asked my friend to stay in our house and wake up and went to sleep. . At 3 am, I was surprised by my friend who woke me up and surprised me. Sounds strange … from the back part of the house, where we played our little game. We were very frightened, especially since the window of my room overlooking that part and we could not sleep. In the morning … we went to the place … and what did we find ?! This place was in chaos. Everything was scattered here, cut, cutlery and painting. No one knew who did it. We left the house without him. A good day for a group of boys was open for several days. They took what they needed for food. They found a suitable location just a few kilometers from the city.

  • They set up their tents. Everything was ready until the night fell, everything was busy. Suddenly, without any progress, they shouted that one of the boys screamed and tried to scream him.

But they tried to arrest him and some of his sons took him to the city and others remained in the camp that day. One of the boys, who accompanied one of the boys who was still in the camp, summoned him and told him that he would all want to leave the camp immediately. Why? He replied that this happened to a boy who was screaming as if he had a reason, because the boy, after calming down, burned and then bended with ashes, suddenly felt embarrassed behind him and applied to his neck. It is difficult to breathe and suddenly he heard a laugh and when he was surprised to raise his head, a strange creature strangled in the laughing tree and suddenly said to him: "You leave us in your land and you and your friends." .. And it disappeared .. Then it happened what happened .. The boy came to the situation. After the end of his talk, the boy and everyone in the camp came to the fact that they quickly left the camp and stuffed themselves behind They left it and did not return it again. It was a busy day for me .. I can not complete the movie. I watched my romance .. Sleepy over .. I decided that in the same I go to bed at night. My room is located on the second floor. The rest of the rooms are separated because I like to be quiet. I grew up in my bag .. but there is only loneliness .. breathing voices .. I'm sure .. maybe my breath is good i must stop these trivialities just illusions .. but for a moment … this is a little bit … what happens is my breath is silent … I'm sure my breath is, But just be sure and keep my breath … But the breath is still there. This increase is faster and faster. Where? Sound from under my bed directly .. Fill my scary heart … I stopped moving for a few minutes. Will I stay like this? What should we do? After a few minutes, I could not get out of bed and get as much power as possible to the source of my mother and father's room. And in fact, she did it and told my father … We went to check. But … nothing under Bed ..

  • A group of boys in the university … very thirsty and unbelievable … so much that they stopped at night out of the area, dare everyone who walked with his legs went out and sat there. . They do not stop doing so, but they are crazy actions .. In addition to singing and dancing that night .. And there is a hill there from there.

Suddenly the rocks were thrown at them and their number increased. They were surprised to find that the rocks were thrown from behind hillsides. In the bedroom two sisters .. one of them was sleeping … after a period of time .. and dark in the room .. sister turned the shortcut on her face … and suddenly! .. I opened my eyes that he was very staring at .. I was horrified .. and took his face away from fear … Then I looked again to see him and if he was sleeping … to tell you this story is true Which I personally know and this story began when the determination of these people to go on a journey, in one season, a few deaths, and afterwards, al-Wefaq, and they were close to killing and eating them. . If they finish the meal, the grandman said: "Yelan, go and take the wood that you bring and bring it to this place, and put your bosom and your list in high place." They sat with some of them, And they laughed and laughed and smelled hot milk, a strange man, and did not know where he came from one of them said that his face was weird and scary because he saw half the face that we saw and no more half of him. When one of these strange people met with them, one of the people noticed and saw a man, and this was a scary situation. You know what you saw, man from your ass, I'm proud of him and I surprise this person when he realized that his foot is not like his legs explaining his mistakes before his goals and promising them. This horror night is not forgotten, but never to the land, and this story is true brother and not a lie, and in the end I advise my Muslim brothers who come to these trips, if they die, they will say this: this begging Allah, I seek the words of Allah from the wicked destructive, as well as to maintain prayer and keep your legitimacy in order not to persuade them to such frightening conditions. Adhkaar

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