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The story of a thousand nights and nights

The story of the night and night

The story of the night and night
The story of the night and night

This Story From a thousand nights and nights

  • From the stories that have been broadcast in our Arab world, the story of thousands of nights and nights and events is as follows:

God knows that in the past and at the time of the time and time of the King of the Kings of the Sassanese Islands of India and China, there were soldiers, servants and servants, and two of Hassa, one big, and another small and heroic. He was the King of the Shah, and he was the king of Samarkand, Ajim, and he was still in his own countries. Each of them, in his reign, was twenty years old in his flock, and was very rude and unparalleled.

He went on to reach safety and went to his brother and came to peace, and he informed him that his brother had asked for him and wanted to see him and responded with hearing and obedience, making tents, tents, servants and his assistants The secretary went to his country and was looking for his brother's country.

  • And when he was in the middle of the night he was reminded that he needed to be oblivious in his palace and returned to his palace and danced his wife in his bed, while he saw that he saw the black universe on his face and He said:

If this happened, and I did not leave the city, then he went to him, kissed him and made him very happy and decorated him with the city and sat with him with him. The king remembers the prince, who has not been since his death. His wife ordered him to see the color of snow and yellow and the weakness of his body and see his brother on it. She thought to herself that she had left her and did not want to because of her country and her husband. Then he said to her a few days: "My brother, I was in Bethany, I was injured and I did not say what I saw from his wife." "I want to travel with me fishing and sneezing, maybe explain my chest, and look at his garden garden in the king's palace, and when the doors of the palace opened, twenty servants went out and twenty servants and A brother-in-law's wife walked in among them, and they were very nice and beautiful until they reached Vasquiah and took their clothes and sat together.

  • And the fact that the rest of the slave was standing next to me and staying in the ceiling and hugging until today. And when the king's brother saw it, he said: "My Lord, my punishment is lighter than the plague, and he has no oppression or grief." He said:

This is more than what happened to me and is still eating and drinking. After that, his brother came out and came to see each other, and the city's king looked at his brother Shah Shah, and he opened his red color and red faces, and after eating a little and weird. He said: "My brother saw you that the face was yellow, and now it is answered in your color. I remind you to change my color and I do not know if you told me to answer me and tell him: Tell me first to change your color and weakness to hear it.

He said to him, "My brother, you sent your minister to ask me that I was already equipped with his well-equipped stream of my city, and then I gave you the nut that I gave you in my palace and returned And I found that my wife slept with my black slave in my bed and killed them and came to you and I think about it, my color and my weakness, but my color answer has asked me to remind you. And when his brother heard his words, he said to him: "God swears to you that you are telling me for your sake, and he sees all that he saw. Shahriyar told his brother, the prince, "Travel and sneeze you and disappear with me, and you see this and you look at your eyes."

The king asked his watch to travel. The king is sitting in a tent and telling his men that no one enters and then denies herself and goes to the palace, where her brother sits while sitting in a window to the zoo, and next to me and His master, when the Shah Shahriar saw it, left his mind and told his brother the prince: "Let's go on our path and we do not need the king." Look at anyone who is like us or not, so that our death is better than ours. After the palace outside a secret door, they went out and still travel for a few days and a night to a tree in the middle of the meadow

Then he was appointed salt by the sea. And when it was an hour after day, and if they were in the sea, it was angered; and when he saw this, he looked up at the tree and looked up and looked at the news. If he took a long, wide, wide chest on his head, he came to the ground and the tree above them and sat underneath and opened the box and took a rod and then opened it. As the poet said

  • "If you look at her, the silk lady who kidnapped you at the wedding night, I want to sleep a bit, and then the fetus will pour out," he said. He put his head on his knees and raised his head to the top of the tree and saw the two kings above the tree and lifted the jug from above his knee and laid it on the ground and stood under the tree and gave them He said: "With a move and not afraid of this gentleman, he said:

May God bless us to fight or I warn you not, "I do not even see you before me." And he said: "I do not do anything for you," "What do you see?" If you do not go ahead and do not act, your Imam will warn them. If they are afraid of harvesting, I will not tell them what to do.

They spend all of me in the back of the century, then put him in a box and put the box in the box and put seven locks on the box and set me down at the bottom of the sea. Ajaj took the waves and I know that the woman from us if he "Do not believe in women and do not trust their promises, hypocrisy and anger, do not trust their faces, show false hands, and fill the betrayal with your clothes, words of Joseph.

For two: if this is P Rita one. Then they went out of the clock and returned to the king's city, then threw their cuffs and slaves off the neck of their husbands and cousins, and each time they took a girl's daughter, they killed the prince, took the pristine and killed the night, still in it For three years, people ran away and ran away with their daughters, in which city the daughter of the queen girl remained. And then do some of it by the great great people. The ministers had two beautiful and beautiful girls and had the right to have a great equinox called Shahrzad and the small name of the dignified sky.

It has been said that she has collected an alpha and heard the minister: "That's why?" He said to him, "Is this in God, my daddy, this as long as I am alive, and I am sacrificed to Muslim girls and the cause of their loss from among my hands?" "He said to him," You have no sin. "You must shout in the planting and tell him: what happened to them?

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